We Hosted a Blood Drive!

In the heart of our dental office lies a powerful opportunity to extend our impact beyond oral health. On January 30th, our office had the opportunity to host a blood drive. Hospitals are unable to proceed with elective procedures due to a low blood supply, so we were more than happy to do our part in making a difference. This allowed us to be able to make a change and impact our community for a lifetime. Donating a single blood donation can potentially save up to three lives! By donating whole blood or specific components, individuals can provide essential support to patients in need. This blood drive was thought of and planned with someone very dear to Perio Atlanta in mind.


Our office had a total of 14 people who made blood donations with Life South Community blood centers. It was a successful blood drive, knowing the outcome results of being able to provide one unit of blood each has potentially saved up to 42 lives!


We are so happy to have made an impact in our community and are looking forward to our continued positive impact on our community. During the blood drive, you will have your vitals checked along with your blood type. This could also be an opportunity for you to give and see the type of blood you have and save lives together with us! Stay in tune for our next blood drive!



In loving memory of Danielle Miata Lawson.

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