What If I Don’t Like the Color of My Crown?

Getting a dental crown can be an exciting yet stressful process. The idea of finally having a beautifully restored tooth is thrilling. But what if that shiny new crown gets placed and cemented and you don’t like the color your dentist chose?



Communicate With Your Dentist


The most critical first step is to communicate your concerns to your dentist. Explain precisely what bothers you about the color in a friendly yet assertive way. Does it clash with your existing teeth? Is it too light, making it stand out in an unflattering way? Providing this helpful feedback allows your dentist to tweak the crown’s shade until it blends seamlessly.


Minor Adjustments Are Often Possible


In many cases, your dentist can make small adjustments to modify the color and make that dental crown shine in all the right ways. This may involve lightly sanding certain sections or adding thin layers of natural-looking tinted resin in strategic spots. It’s amazing how such subtle changes can create beautiful, imperceptible color uniformity.


When Minor Tweaks Don’t Cut It


If your dentist tries making minor corrections, but you’re still not smiling ear to ear about that shade, further action may be necessary. That likely means having your dental crown completely redone. But do not worry—your dentist will preserve as much of your natural underlying tooth as possible when removing the original crown.


Get Ready for More Dental Appointments


Making a replacement dental crown requires more mold impressions, temporary crowns, and dental visits. It takes time to get it right. Expect to wear a temporary crown for at least one or two weeks. But when your dentist finally cements that new, beautifully matched crown, all that effort will pay off.


Seek a Second Opinion


If you work closely with your dentist but can’t seem to agree on an ideal color, getting a second opinion never hurts. Another dentist’s fresh perspective may provide alternative solutions your current dentist hasn’t considered. Every tooth and patient is unique. Keep looking until you get a color that makes your smile shine.


Prevent This Whole Situation


Of course, needing replacement crowns means more time in the dentist’s chair and larger bills. Take proactive measures from the start to avoid being dissatisfied. Before your dentist permanently cements your initial crown, first study that temporary version very closely. Analyze the color from every angle. If the temporary crown isn’t making you grin happily, speak up before the permanent one gets placed.


Use teeth-whitening strategically.


Another pro tip is to get your natural teeth professionally whitened before your first dental crown procedure. Doing so provides your dentist with an optimal baseline shade for color matching. A brightened smile sets the stage for stunningly seamless dental work.


Discuss How Other Factors Influence Color


Aside from tooth shade, many variables can impact how dental crowns look color-wise. Discuss the following with your dentist to make fully informed decisions:

·      Texture and Thickness: Crowns that are thicker or very smooth may not allow the natural color of the underlying tooth to show through in a translucent, life-like way.

·      Tooth Background Color: Darker or discolored teeth underneath limit how light and bright crowns can look.

·      Material Type: Options like porcelain can look more seamless than metals.

·      Gum Tissue Tone: Gums provide a contrast that affects color perception.

·      Lighting Conditions: Crown color can look strikingly different indoors versus outdoor natural light.


Be patient in finding that perfect shade.


Getting a dental crown color that makes your smile shine requires excellent communication with your dentist and patience while adjustments are made. But with commitment to the process, your pearly white, luminous smile awaits. Discuss all your preferences, thoughts, and concerns. Together, find solutions until you love what you see gleaming back in that mirror.

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